Indian Wedding Cards

Our Indian wedding invites are designed and printed in the UK. We have a wide range of Indian wedding cards available. If you have a design and theme in mind, we can help create your dream Asian wedding card.


If you already have a design ready, why not use one of our foiling services for us to print for you? We offer gold foiling, holographic gold foiling, rose gold foiling, red foiling, blue foiling and more!

Wedding Stationery

Our Indian wedding invites are designed and printed in the UK. We have a wide range of Indian wedding cards available. If you have a design and theme in mind, we can help create your dream Asian wedding card.

Luxury Asian and Indian Wedding Cards for Hindu, Sikh and Muslim Weddings

At CardFusion, we offer a range of print services primarily for Asian and Indian wedding invitation cards and all faith invitation cards, including the print of Hindu wedding invitation cards, Muslim wedding cards (often referred to as Islamic Wedding Invitations or Pakistani cards) and Sikh wedding invitation cards. We also have a range of Laser cut wedding invitations. As well as this, we also offer a range of complementary wedding stationery, such as wedding seating charts, wedding welcome signs (often referred to as ‘welcome to our wedding signs’), place cards, table menus and table numbers to name a few.  We have a variety of wedding cards to fit everyone’s requirements, including traditional cards, modern cards and designer invitation cards.  In 2018, we also introduced a range of foil printing services, including gold foiling and rose gold foiling.  We also supply beautiful wall art – click here to see our range.


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Gold Foil Printing

Gold foil printing Your personal guide to Gold Foil Printing Gold is premium metal and just a tinge of it can make things even beautiful and impressive. The metallic finish has been admired by viewers for long. Introducing gold foil printing to printed products is one of the most efficient ways to ensure your products [...]
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Print Inserts Only Service

For one reason or another you may require a service whereby you want only the inserts printing for your wedding invitation cards. In this article, we will take you through the various options that you have available with CardFusion. Q) I have a design ready to print for my wedding invitation inserts, can CardFusion print [...]
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Print Only Invitation Cards Service

Customers often have a design ready for their invitation cards and want a print only service.  At CardFusion - Your supplier for Indian Wedding Cards, we can assist with printing your outer invites, your inserts and envelopes.  Please note that for the print only service, we will supply you with the dimensions that we work [...]
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Indian Wedding Cards – Our Invitation set of the month (February 2020)

Every month, we will display our Indian wedding card of the month, including matching stationery (which will include the table seating chart and the wedding welcome sign. We hope that this will provide you with some inspiration. Please see below our chosen Indian wedding invitation for February 2020. Do not forget to leave your comments [...]
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What is the difference between Gold foil printing and Gold printing

SummaryArticle NameWhat is the difference between Gold foil printing and Gold printingDescriptionHave you ever wondered what the difference between gold foiling printing and gold digital printing is?Author CardFusion

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How many Indian wedding invitation cards will I need?

One question that we usually get asked regarding Indian Wedding Cards is how many invitation cards will I need?  We have often heard stories whereby people are looking to invite a total of 200 guests, yet they also end up ordering 200 invitation cards.  One aspect that is often forgotten is that many guests that you will …

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Difference between Indian Wedding Cards and Indian Invitation Cards

Many people wonder what is the main difference between Indian wedding cards and Indian invitation cards. In this article we will explain which terminology is correct for what. Indian Wedding Cards Usually, people will say or search for Indian wedding cards or Indian wedding invites for their wedding invitation cards. Usually they will have a …

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Indian Wedding Cards UK Checklist

This article will cover the main items required on an Indian Wedding Card, which will also cover why they are important. Religious Symbols For many Indians, having a religious symbol, whether it be a Hindu wedding symbol such as a Ganesh or an Om for Hindu wedding cards, a Khanda or Ek Onkar Sikh wedding …

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