An explanation of the various symbols featured on Hindu wedding cards CardFusion

An explanation of the various symbols featured on Hindu wedding cards

Hindu weddings are renowned for their grandeur and extravagant nature. Many rituals and traditions are part of the celebrations, one of which is the wedding card. Hindu wedding invitations display various symbols that carry significant meaning. This article outlines some of these symbols.

1. Om Symbol

The Om symbol is the frequently used in Hindu wedding invitation cards and symbolizes the universe’s sound. It is utilized to start Hindu mantras and is often associated with spiritual awakening.

2. Swastika Symbol

The Swastika symbol is also commonly featured in Hindu wedding invites. The symbol signifies good luck and prosperity, and is thought to grant happiness and fortune. It is predominantly seen as a decorative element on these cards. It’s typical belief that this meaningful symbol brings blessings onto the couple.

3. Kalash Symbol

The Kalash is a pot traditionally made of copper or brass, and it is often used as a visual representation of purity and prosperity in Hindu rituals. In many Hindu wedding cards, the Kalash is featured to signify the start of a new life for the couple.

4. Lord Ganesha Symbol

The Lord Ganesha is a symbolic representation of wisdom and prosperity. It is also seen as the removers of obstacles. The Lord Ganesha’s image may often be found on Hindu wedding invitations for blessings and good luck, hoping to assist the couple in overcoming any potential issues.

5. Baraat Symbol

The Baraat is a procession in Hindu weddings, led by the groom on a horse or an elephant. The Baraat symbol is often present in wedding cards as a sign of the groom’s arrival, believed to add joy and happiness to the wedding.

6. Mandap Symbol

The Mandap is a traditional Hindu wedding altar, which serves as the place where the couple exchange their vows. It also serves as a symbol of the wedding ceremony and is usually found on Hindu wedding invitation cards, representing blessings for the couple and signifying the beginning of their new life together.


When seeking Hindu wedding cards, there are numerous websites that provide a wide variety of designs and styles. You can select the design which meets your requirements and customize it with relevant symbols. This make it easy to find the ideal card which reflects India’s cultural heritage and brings blessings to the couple.

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