Evite or Physical Invite

With the advancements in technology, Evites are becoming increasingly popular.  Companies such as Evite.com have a range of Wedding Evites, Birthday Evites, Graduation Evites and more.  The ease of using an Evite makes it an extremely appealing option.  At the click of a button, you can send the Evite to your family and friends on Facebook, Email, Whatsapp and more.  However, as appealing as it sounds, there are still many people that are 'traditional' and would always choose the 'physical' option, as opposed to the virtual one.  As well as this, in certain religions, the invitation writing ceremony is a celebration within itself i.e for Hindus, the writing of the Hindu Wedding Cards becomes a celebration where the bride or grooms families invite their close friends and family to their home (or venue) and commence the writing ceremony.  The fact that the Hindu Wedding Cards, Sikh Wedding Cards  and Muslim Wedding Cards generally need to be hand written, it is very unlikely that the trend for everyone will move to Evites.  As well as this, in todays day and age where each upcoming function is trying to outdo the last one in terms of extravagance, the fact that people might be seen as skimping would generally be frown upon.  Although peoples budgets can vary drastically, there are options for those that do not have a huge budget, but want to send a physical Invitation Card.

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