Checklist to choose Muslim wedding invitation card design

Checklist to choose Muslim wedding invitation card design CardFusion

There is no excuse to overlook the allure of weddings. It’s a special event with memorable moments. And springing for the most pleasing wedding card designs altogether is a painful struggle, especially in Islamic weddings.

Muslim marriages are always attractive, filled with customs & rituals to the core, where splendid Muslim wedding invitation card designs are perfectly picked to invite wedding guests. Royal Islamic wedding card design has forever been an essential element of Muslim weddings filled with smiling faces & rich traditions, enlightening the wedding functions beautifully

Note: The customs and traditions might deviate according to the country and government regulations.

Despite diverse traditions, one thing stays in common is the wedding invitation card, desired to be eye-catchy and picked carefully. Here’s a ‘Checklist to Choose Muslim Wedding Invitation Card Design’ that mesmerises your wedding guests

Prefer Classy Texts

Wordings to be printed on the card hold significance for the final print. While selecting a font, try selecting the one that appears classy to eyes & beautiful on the card. Avoid over-styling of fonts which might decrease the readability; after all, the message needs to be conveyed.

Try Impressive Combinations

A spectrum of beautiful colours adorns the wedding card, delivering a stunning spark to the card. But picking the suitable colours for your card isn’t an effortless job, so it’s time to connect for some recommendations from experts like us who would guide you towards your dream designed card.

Utilising Symbols & Signs

Witnessing specific symbols or icons on Muslim wedding cards is common where each sign or symbol has respective significance in terms of a wedding like:

  • Allah symbol: The Allah symbol is believed to be a vital inclusion in the Muslim wedding cards, symbolising the purity and divinity of the sacred matrimony.
  • Bismillah symbol: Portraying the authentic spirit of the Holy Quran, the Bismillah symbol is included in Muslim wedding cards. This sign primarily illustrates the blessings and support from the Almighty.
  • Star and crescent moon: It is believed that the start and the crescent moon symbol on Muslim wedding cards illustrate the belief in the Almighty & seeking his blessings for a wonderful marriage.

Using any of the above symbols for your invites, it will provide a very traditional look and will allow your guests to expect a traditional upcoming marriage ceremony.

Endure The Theme

Remember, the layout of Muslim wedding invitation card design should reflect the theme & spirit of the celebration. Opt for colours like gold, cream, navy, or black for a formal or elegant wedding theme. And for a wedding theme going traditional or vibrant in touch, opt for colours included in your decoration.

Remain on Schedule

Try picking your preferred wedding card 6 months prior to the wedding date. This enables a reasonable time span to ensure the wordings and phrases are checked and confirm that any Arabic or religious language is rendered accurately.

Count Additional Elements

Islamic wedding invitation cards can evolve more striking when additional elements are counted on them—anything like symbols. Holy characters can be added and prefered text can be printed using some unique ink, paints or printing options.

Wise wordings

Selecting the suitable invitation vocabulary for your Muslim wedding cards is an utmost priority. Where, using generalised language won’t be a good sign for all your guests. So, reach out for traditional invitation wordings and phrases for your families and elderly guests. At the same time, you have the liberty to select humorous invitation language for friends and informal guests.

Digital v/s Paper

You need to get smarter and divide your guest lists keeping in mind both the methods of invitation card style. Better choose traditional paper cards for a particular section of your guest lists, including grandparents, uncle-aunts etc. Go digital for your relatives & cousins staying afar. Inviting friends and colleagues with digital cards can also be regarded.


The increased number of locally and online designs and styles makes desiring exemplary wedding invitations overwhelming. Considering the above attributes, a notable expert is what you need to execute your desired Muslim marriage card design, which makes us the perfect solution dissolving all your essentials at one time.

With CardFusion, Make Your Invitations Worth Remembering.

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