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With Diwali fast approaching, many people are busy making plans and preparing for the festival so that they can enjoy spending time celebrating with the people they love. If you are arranging a Diwali celebration or find yourself invited to some Diwali festivities, then you will want to get some beautiful Diwali gifts ready to be handed out. To help, we have come up with a comprehensive guide to Diwali gifts so that you can get the perfect presents and avoid awkward exchanges. Read on to find out more.

If you are new to Diwali then do not worry, we are here to explain! Diwali is also known as the Indian Festival of Lights and is celebrated between the middle of October and the middle of November during Kartika – a Hindu Lunisolar month. It lasts for five days and provides Hindus with an opportunity to reflect on the ideas of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. It is one of the most popular festivals in the Hindu calendar with people looking forward to its arrival all year.

When it comes to preparing for the festival, Hindus spend a lot of time preparing their homes for the festival. This means renovations being completed as well as thorough cleaning and decorating before the festivities begin. The effort that goes into this festival only makes it even more vital for you to show your appreciation by offering your host a Diwali inspired gift.

When the festival begins, you can look forward to seeing your loved ones in their finest clothes, watch beautiful fireworks displays and see the stunning number of lamps, candles and lights that are displayed. Family worship Lakshmi and enjoy delicious feasts and share gifts. It really is an event to behold, and if you are lucky enough to get an invite, then you can really start to look forward to it!

Diwali is a joyous time. Family and friends get together, listen to music, eat and celebrate the festival of light. During the celebrations, more than likely some fireworks display will take place and light the sky.

Hindus from all over the world celebrate what is anticipated to be one of the most celebrated occasions in the Hindu calendar. One question that people usually struggle with is ‘what gifts are given at Diwali?’ We will aim to answer the question, whilst offering various beautiful Diwali gift ideas.

What gifts are given at Diwali

The first answer, which is usually the most common gift, is Indian sweets. People often go into an Indian sweet shop and get what is known as a variety box, which includes a variety of Indian sweets. The sweets are usually placed within a beautiful bright or vibrant box and then given as a gift. There are a number of things that people are on the lookout for nowadays. The first being health. A lot of foods available at Indian sweet shops, whilst offering mouth-watering options, they tend to be really high in sugars and oil. The NHS recently wrote an article about Higher diabetes risk in Asians explored, whilst Diabetes.co.uk also wrote about Diabetes in South Asians. As people are becoming more aware of these problems, they are looking for alternatives.

Diwali Gift Ideas

When it comes to finding the right gift to give at Diwali, you must take the time to consider the recipient and find a gift that reflects the festival and their faith. Gift-giving is a way to show your appreciation of the people you love, and it is a traditional part of the Diwali celebrations.

The historical impact of these gifts is particularly significant for Diwali because it is a festival that celebrates fellowship, love, and appreciation of each other. The Diwali gifts you offer are not just presents to enjoy but symbolise the bond and connection you have with the people you are giving gifts to. Therefore, you must get the right gift in time for the upcoming Diwali festival.

What Gifts Are Given At Diwali?

Indian Sweets

Back in ancient times, many Hindus would give the produce from their farms as a gift for Diwali, and this would be used to make food for everyone to enjoy during the festival. These days, handmade sweet treats are a great way to show your appreciation for the ones you love, and you are sure to find many of these on the table during the festivities! This gift is also a great way to get young children involved as they can enjoy the fun of making some treats to hand out.


Diya lights are a traditional gift that is given during the festival of Diwali. It is an oil lamp that is typically made from clay and as a cotton wick that burns after being dipped in vegetable oil. They can be plain or decorated and provide the recipient with more lights to display during the festival.


One of the most precious gifts that can be given includes new decorations for the recipient’s home. With stunning Ganesh and Om wall art available, you can show the people in your life just how special they are to you as well as providing them with a stunning piece of art that will remind them of you when they are celebrating and worshipping.


If you are planning a Diwali gift to that special someone, then why not consider some traditional jewellery? There are many different types available, and you need to work out which style would suit the wearer the best. Jewellery is a very personal gift so take the time to really think about what they would like before spending your money!

New Clothes

Giving new clothes is another popular gift, especially if it is an outfit that can be worn for the Diwali festivities! However, this gift does require you to have information on sizing and so maybe better left to other people to purchase while you choose something different!

What is the best gift for Diwali?

One amazing Diwali gift idea is a physical product. Our gold foiled Ganesh wall art definitely ticks a few boxes. Ganeshji is a Hindu god, who is also known as the remover of obstacles. One advantage of gifting a physical product is that it can be kept for a long period of time. Unlike Indian sweets or savouries, which usually get eaten within a few days. By gifting a Ganesh print with a personalised message on the back, you will be remembered for years to come. Many of our Ganesh posters are foiled, which add an extra luxurious look and shine to them. They can also be personalised at no extra cost, so you could have the families name also printed at the top or bottom of the print.

Below we show a few examples of some Ganesh wall art that we supply.

Diwali Gifts UK

Here at Card Fusion, we have many stunning gifts that you can purchase for Diwali. Our range focuses more on decorations and wall art so that you can give a gift that people can enjoy all year round!

Our wall art prints are all printed in the UK, which makes us a great choice for those looking for a last minute gift. Being based in the UK not only allows us to send the print out within 1- 2 working days, it also means that you will receive it within 1-2 working days after we have sent it. As well as this, as mentioned above, all of our prints can be personalised.

Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and is the perfect gift to give someone who is going through a transitional period in their life; new home, new family or a change to the way life is being led all require support from Ganesh. Our large, foiled wall art will not only look magnificent during Diwali festivities but will also provide the recipient with a stunning reminder that Ganesh is there to help throughout the year. Take a look at our designs today and place your order in time to arrive for Diwali.

Om is one of the most significant and essential symbols in Hinduism and helps us to consider our souls and the truth or the universe as we navigate our way through life. It serves as a potent reminder to Hindus about the creation of the world and the way we should live our lives. Giving one of our stunning Om wall art gifts will not only provide the recipient with a physical present, but it will also help them to remember the importance of their faith as they navigate their way through life. Check out what we offer now and get your Om wall art ordered.

I Am Not a Hindu – What’s The Story Behind Diwali?

When it comes to gaining an understanding the history of Diwali, you will need to get to know the goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi as well as other famous names and stories from the Hindu faith including Rama and Sita, Yama, Vishnu, Yami, Krishna and many more. The good news is that the family you are celebrating with will be happy to share this information from their culture and will welcome you to celebrate with them. To find out more, please read the ‘Diwali: What is it?’ article on the BBC website.

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If you want to get the perfect gift this Diwali then we are here to help and can provide you with stunning artwork that the people you love will love displaying on their walls. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the art or our service; we are here to help!

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