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Elegant Wedding Menu CardFusion

Your wedding menu cards allows your guests to know what food will be available to them on the day. Our elegant wedding menus are printed on 350gsm card and can either be digitally printed, foiled or both. To add that extra level of luxury and elegance, we would always recommend the foiling option, simply due to the added shine that it provides.

Whilst the foiling of your wedding menu cards is a more expensive option, it definitely adds that ‘wow’ factor. To top it off, we don’t only foil on White card. We also foil on Black card as well. Foiling on Black is very popular for those that have an evening function (whether it be an evening wedding, a wedding reception party, a birthday party, a corporate event or any other evening event).

Due to varying dietary requirements and allergies, customers often send their guests a wedding menu choice card along with their wedding invitation card. This will then allow their guests to tick which option they would like on the day of the event. Sending a menu choice is by no means compulsory. Some customers often opt to have a self serve service or a buffet service on the day. If they choose not to send a menu option prior to their event, it is a good idea to provide wedding menu cards on the day. It is important to ensure that your menus show the varying dietary and allergy information. A ‘V’ next to some menu options allows your guests to see that it is suitable for vegetarians. A ‘VE’ often refers to a plate being suitable for vegans and an asterisk (*) with next to any dishes with a note at the bottom of the menu card (showing something like #* may contain nuts), is extremely useful and important for those with a nut allergy. More information about allergens guidance can be fount on the Foods Standards Agency website:

Allergen guidance for food businesses

What to include on your elegant Wedding menu cards

Firstly, we need to work out the actual menu of the day. Once you have discussed and arranged everything with your catering company, it is important to keep the menu card as clean and easy to read as possible.

To make sure of this, the wedding menu card is usually broken down in three sections:

  1. Starters
  2. Mains
  3. Dessert

To add personalisation to your menu cards, we can add the names of the couple to the top of the card (which can also be foiled), followed by the date of the function, which is then followed by the three sections as mentioned above. Adding personalised wedding cards is not a must, but it just shows that extra level of detail.

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