Gold Wedding Invitation

When you’re planning your big day, why not add the luxury you deserve with stunning gold foiled invitations? They are the perfect mix of style and sophistication.

Planning a wedding is a unique combination of excitement and nerves all thrown in together. Many couples find planning their wedding to be a minefield of decisions but look forward to that special moment when they get to say, ‘I do’. If you are in the midst of planning your special day, then wedding invitations will be high on your list of priorities. Check out our advice for finding the perfect stationery for your incredibly special day.

Choose Something That Reflects Your Style

Perhaps the most important thing when you come to buy your wedding invitations is that they reflect your tastes and give your guests a hint at what is to come. Each couple has different things that they love and drawing on these things for inspiration is a great place to start your stationery search!

Sit down together and create a mood board of ideas, colours, styles, and options that you can then reflect on before purchasing your chosen stationery. Many couples want their day to be unique so finding a stationery service that can create bespoke invites is a great way to get what you have been looking for. Here at Card Fusion, we specialise in stunning stationery that will impress you and your guests and can provide bespoke invites that suit your style, including stunning gold foil options!

Gold Foil Wedding Invitation Options

If you are not sure what gold foiling is then it is a process in which gold foil gets added to your design using heat and pressure. The making process is longer than a standard invite, but the result is an elevated design that will look amazing and last the test of time. Our mission at Card Fusion is not just to provide standard invites but instead create timeless designs that will make your day even more special than you could have imagined.

Traditional Or Modern Announcement?

When you choose our beautiful gold foil invites you are in the driver’s seat and can select the wording that matches with the spirit of your day. Going for a traditional wedding? We can share the various traditional invites ready for you to pick the words that suit your day. Opting for a more modern approach? We can add in your bespoke wording so that your day reflect you as a couple rather than being bland and unoriginal.

No matter the style of the day, we can create the invites you need, and we love nothing more than seeing a happy couple when they get the first glimpse of their wedding stationery.

The Modern Choice – Gold Foil Invitation

Gold foiling has become more popular in recent times, especially with the increasing amounts of fonts and cardstock, What once was a simple formality, inviting guests to a wedding, has now become the first key step in sharing the news of your upcoming nuptials.

The reason we began offering gold foiling and rose gold foiling was because we noticed more couples were seeking innovative ways to add an air of exclusivity to their big day. By using luxury items such as gold, couples are able to send a clear message that their day will be stunning with no expense spared. Why don’t you join the other couples and begin creating a day that will exceed everyone’s expectations?

All the Wedding Stationery You Need

When you come to Card Fusion for your wedding stationery, you will also be pleased to know that we offer the full range of rose gold foiled and gold foiled items. This means that you can have everything from your Save the Dates to your seating plan to match – helping you to provide a truly streamlined event. Take a moment to look at the other items we offer here:

Save the Date cards – these cards are a hugely popular choice and give you the ability to let your guests know when the date of your wedding is. You send them out between six and twelve months before the big day so that everyone knows when the date is.

RSVP Cards – there is nothing better than a uniformed organisation system, and by sending out RSVP cards with your invites, you can be sure that your guests will let you know if they are able to make it. Save each one for your wedding scrapbook and look back on it for years to come.

Menus – If you want to share what is on the menu, then our co-ordinating menus will look great on your tables! Print one for each guest or a couple per table and see your guests start to salivate.

Order of Service – Give your guests an idea of what is happening during your ceremony so that they can join in where needed. From songs to readings and special moments, record them all on Orders of Service so that everyone is in the loop!

Name Cards – Use these pretty little cards to show people where they are sat on their table and even consider using them as part of your wedding favours so that each person gets a beautifully personalised gift with minimal effort!

Table Names and Numbers – your invites will be co-ordinated with your entire day, so why not co-ordinate your tables too! Our table name and number card can be made to the size that you want and will make it easier for your guests to know where they need to sit when they arrive.

Seating Plans – Displaying a seating chart at the entrance to your reception gives your guests the information they need when trying to find your seat. Each of our seating plans is made from Foamex board and can be combined with any type of design that you are working with.

All Other Signage – If you want to let your guests know where things are, then why not consider other co-ordinating signage to keep everything organised?

If you have other stationery needs then that is not a problem, we would be happy to find solutions for all your requirements, just let us know what you are looking for, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Made In Leicester

CardFusion HQ is based in Leicester, and while we post all over the UK, we also offer a collection service if you want to meet us in person. Our team are an amazing bunch who work hard every day to create the invites you send to your loved ones, and we are incredibly proud of the range of items we now sell to a large audience.

Contact Us Today

Now you know a little more about what we can offer you then why don’t you get in touch and arrange an initial consultation? We can do this on the phone, or in-person if you want to pop in and see us. When you call, let us know what sort of thing you are looking for, and we will do our utmost to sort it for you without delay. Call us today and start creating the wedding invites you have been dreaming of.

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