Hindu Wedding Card - CF K14Hindu Wedding Card - CF K14

Hindu Wedding Card K14

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A Cream Hindu Wedding Card with a Red Ganeshji

A Cream Hindu Wedding Card with a Red Ganeshji.  The beauty behind this invitaiton card, is the amount of religious symbols that are discreetly added to it.  Firstly is the Ganeshji (the remover of all obstacles).  Secondly, within the right hand of the Ganeshji, which is the hand that is providing blessings, there is a Sathyo located.  Finally, on Ganeshjis head, the Aum symbol can be seen.  This invitation is created on a Pearl Cream card, which also gives a Gold shimmer effect.  This invitation card is also provided with a printed envelope.

Card Size

21cm (width) x 10.5cm (height)

  • Fits in standard first class postage
  • Price includes 2 Pearl Cream inserts
  • Additional inserts available at 20p each
  • Ready within 3-4 working days (after the proof has been approved)
  • Minimum order is 50 pieces
  • Price includes envelope
  • Price includes designing and printing of inserts and the envelope
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Indian Wedding Cards - Hindu Wedding Cards

We have a range of Unique Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards.  One of the most popular symbols for Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards is Ganeshji. Ganesha is one of the most distinctive Hindu deities with his large elephant head and pot-bellied human body. He plays a dual role of a supreme being powerful enough to remove obstacles and ensure success or create obstructions for those whose ambition has become destructive.  Before the Hindu Wedding Ceremony, the Priest invokes Lord Ganesh, the Hindu elephant God that removes all obstacles, as a precursor to nuptials about to take place. This Puja, or ceremony, is performed for good luck to be bestowed onto the married couple and their families, so that whatever obstacles they may face will be destroyed. All auspicious ceremonies in the Hindu religion commence with a prayer to Lord Ganesh.

Each of our Hindu Wedding Cards has a unique design to help you find quality handmade Hindu wedding invitation cards to fit your needs. Our collection includes a broad range of creative designs, colors, and textures for a truly personal touch for your wedding celebration.

A Ganeshji can be found on the front of the Hindu Marriage Card to represent removing all obstacles.

If you would like help with your wording, you can use our Hindu Wedding Invitation Card Wording section for ideas.  You can also see a range of our Hindu Wedding Symbols, Wedding Reception Symbols and Civil Ceremony Symbols.

Our cards are designed and printed at our office in the UK. You can visit, email or call us to discuss your requirements.

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