Hindu Wedding Programme

The Hindu Wedding Programme booklet is the perfect companion for your Hindu Wedding Card.  The booklet, which is usually supplied in a pocket A6 sized format explains the order of service.  Each Hindu priest conducts the ceremony in their own unique way, hence why the contents of the booklet, even if it is for a Hindu wedding, can vary.  Some of the steps that are included in the Hindu wedding ceremony are; Jaan Aagman (Arrival of the Groom), Vaar Puja (Welcoming of the Groom), Kanya Aagman (Arrival of the Bride), Kanyadan (literally means 'gifting a girl') and more.  The Hindu order of ceremony information (whether in booklet form or A5/A4 size) allows your guests, particularly those that are not familiar with the different elements of the Hindu wedding, follow the events in conjunction with the priest performing the various rituals.  In the majority of cases, the priest will guide the guests to what part of the ceremony they are on so the guests can follow.  As some of the Hindu programme information are supplied in small A6 booklet style, this makes a nice memento for your guests.  They can keep this as a souvenir.  The programme information is fully customisable, so we can include the names of the bride and groom, date of the function and names of siblings (if applicable).  The Hindu information programme booklet can also be used to add in a personal message from the bride and groom (and families) to the guests thanking them for taking the time and making the effort to be there on their special day.  If you have a particular theme in mind or would like to keep it consistent to your Hindu wedding invite, email us the information and we can work with you to do so.

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