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So, you are getting married? Congratulations!! A big day is ahead of you, and you have to do all sorts of preparations to make it a memorable one. Right from preparing the guest list to arranging the catering, there is a lot on your plate that must be attended with the utmost attention. While every arrangement for the wedding is important, there is something that holds greater importance – Indian wedding cards.

Your wedding’s invitation card is the very first glimpse of your preparations that your guests come to know. It tells a lot about your wedding theme, the schedule of the wedding, details of the functions, and how big the celebration will be.

Now, choosing a wedding card is no piece of cake. Whether you are choosing a card on an online platform or meeting a printing press professional in person, the choices of printing cards available are enough to overwhelm you. Right from the design to the type of paper, invitation content to colour choice, there are a number of factors that you will have to decide and communicate to the printer to get a perfect wedding card ready for dispatch.

If you already have had a hard time finding a perfect wedding card and are looking for someplace for help, you have arrived at the right place. Here the experts of Card Fusion have compiled a complete guide to help you decide what type of Indian Invitation cards you want and how to find it easily. So, let’s begin:

As well as invitation cards, we also supply wedding stationery, including wedding seating charts, wedding welcome signs, wedding menu cards, wedding table numbers and wedding programme booklets.

Important tips for choosing a wedding card:

Wedding card is the first glimpse of your wedding day, and hence it must be simply perfect. If you are searching for an invitation card, here are a few tips that would help you make the best selection:

Wedding style:

While choosing the wedding card, make sure that it explains the style of your wedding. It is very important to have a clear idea of the types of events you are throwing before you pick an invitation card. Your events may be classic, elegant, casual, relaxed or even glam, and thus the card type will change accordingly. Make sure that the wedding style and the wedding invitation are on the same note.

Pick colours wisely:

Wedding colours are also important. People have a discreet idea of colour themes for their wedding, and it is important that the card goes with the flow. You need to make sure that colour you choose is the one that will look pleasing to eyes when used for other purposes as well, including decoration and other paper prints. If you are organising a formal wedding, the choices may be of white, gold, red and silver. However, in case of a more causal setup, you must try and choose colourful hues and metallic fonts.

Choose the size:

There are different shapes and sizes of Muslim wedding cards available in the market. You can choose any of them. However, make sure that the card you choose is neither too big nor too small to serve the purpose. While traditionally a wedding card used to be rectangular in shape, the modern people prefer playing with shapes and are trying circular, scalloped and square invitation cards.

Pay attention to the font and size:

The font you choose for printing also makes a significant difference in the overall look. Make sure you select the font and its size according to the type of paper you have chosen and the size of the card.

Do not overcrowd:

Often people make their cards overcrowded which decreases their aesthetical value. Makes rue that you get only the right thing printed on the card to allow it to look elegant. Too much content on the card can make the reader, lose interest and skip the important info. Hence, write the invitation, name of the bride and the groom, important dates and a request for the guests to come and shower their blessings.

Consider the weight:

As important as it is to buy an adequate sized card, it is also important to keep a check on the weight of the card. You will have to post your card, and postal charges are based on the weight of the cards. To ensure you do not have to spend a lot of money on postal fees, make sure you buy a card that is adequate in weight.


Last but not least, it is very important that you keep your budgetary limitation in mind. You will have to send hundreds of invitation card which may cost you a lot if you choose an expensive one. It is recommended that you pick a card that is well within your range.

These were some of the tips to follow to ensure you find the best card for your wedding. Now let us move on to the complicated part where we discuss the common mistakes that people commit while going out to shop for a wedding invitation.

Common mistakes to avoid while choosing a wedding card:

Despite all the preparations that we do to find the best wedding card, we often fall prey to some petty mistakes. This can ruin all the efforts, and you will end up with nothing in hand. In this segment, we have jotted down a few mistakes that people often commit while choosing a wedding card:

  • Asking for too much customisation:

You must ask for customisation of the design to bring a personal touch on the card. However, playing a lot with the design can often destroy it. You must always ask the stationer to help you with the modifications and advise wherever you are out of your bounds.

  • Not checking the typos:

Once the wedding card is printed, it is very important for you to check the card’s content and check if there is any typo. You may be short of time to do so but catching typos is very important. To avoid any time crunch, you must start searching the cards well in advance.

  • Ordering more than required:

Before you start searching for a wedding card, you must first make a guest list. This way, you will know the exact number of cards you would need. However, always order 10-15 cards more than the list as you never know you may remember a name at the eleventh hour that must be invited.

  • Not negotiating:

Wedding cards are a big expense, and the rates of the cards are surging with each passing day. You need to make sure that the cards you buy are well within your budget. As a customer, you also have the right to negotiate and break down the prices to buy Affordable wedding cards.

  • Choosing the inappropriate size:

Different Indian Wedding Invitation cards can accommodate the different amount of information. If you have a big invitation to write, make sure you choose a card that can accommodate the information accordingly. Choosing a small or very big card can make it difficult to put the information on the card appropriately.

So, this is an ultimate guide to follow while you are searching for wedding invites. Follow it step by step and choose a perfect wedding card for your big day. A wedding card is one of the most important documents of your wedding and deserves to be attractive, elegant and memorable. Choose wisely and ensure that the card is a cherished memory for a lifetime.

Wedding Cards for Muslims

Our range of Muslim wedding cards feature a wide range of colours and templates. A very popular symbol that can be used for Muslim cards is the Bisimillah symbol. Some customers opt to not use any symbols for their cards as the cards are often thrown away, hence it is disrespectful. If you require assistance with what to write on your inserts, please have a look at the following pages to see our generic templates, which can be downloaded and amended:

Cheap Wedding Invitations

Many customers often search for cheap wedding invitations or even diy wedding invitations (more on diy invites later), which is absolutely fine. There are many questions that can be asked when searching for cheap invitation cards.

  • How much should I budget for wedding invitations?
  • Is it cheaper to buy or make wedding invitations?
  • Are electronic wedding invitations tacky?
  • Where can I print my own wedding invitations?

We’ll try our best to use our experience to answer these questions to give you as accurate answers as possible.

How much should I budget for wedding invitations?

If you are looking for cheap wedding invitations, there are many considerations to look at. First and foremost, how many invitation cards do you need? Usually, when you purchase a larger quantity, the price should reduce. Why? Most printing companies will provide the designing and printing. If for example you needed 30 wedding invitation cards, or 130 invitation cards, there are certain costs that are static. Costs such as the designing. It does not matter whether you need 30 invitation cards or even 300. The cost of designing stays the same. Even in terms of printing. Once the print run has been processed, the only one thing that the print operator may need to do is to load more paper into the printer. Finally, post printing, if the cards need to be cut for whatever reason, the guillotine that is used can cater for one run.

The next depends on how many inserts you need per invitation. If you have four different events where you will be inviting selective people to your respective events, the price would change when comparing to having one insert for an evening wedding invitation, where that’s the only event that you have.

After this, you need to ask what printing method do you require? Are you looking for traditional digitally printed invitation cards, or are you looking for the more luxurious foil printed invites? Traditionally printing is cheaper than foiling.

Finally we come to the envelopes. Do you require envelopes (most people do) or will you source your own? Most printing companies will offer a range of envelope options along with offering blank envelopes or printed envelopes. Having good envelopes with printing will again see an increase in price.

If you are looking for cheap wedding invites, we would recommend a budget of around £1 per invitation card. We have a range of cheap wedding invitation cards available on our website. If keeping the cost of the invites as low as possible is essential for you, get in touch with us and we will discuss the various options that we can offer.

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