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Mehndi is an important part of many Indian and Pakistani weddings, and the invitation cards are a great way to set the tone for the event.

When it comes to Mehndi invitation cards, the possibilities are endless. From traditional designs to modern and unique styles, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a classic look or something more contemporary, there is an invitation card that will fit your needs.

Mehndi invitations can be personalised with photos, text, and other elements to make them truly special. Some of the most common elements are paisley designs and floral designs, particularly line art.

Here at CardFusion, we take pride in offering an outstanding printing service to people in Leicester and beyond. We have many years of experience and offer a wide variety of designs across a huge range of products. Our service focuses on quality, and we only ever use the best materials so that you can look forward to planning your event and wowing your guests.

If you are looking for a Mehndi design for your special event, then look no further! We understand the significance of the Mehndi design for traditional Indian weddings and are proud to offer a wide range of options for you to choose from. We are sure to have an option to suit your requirements and work hard to provide the outstanding levels of customer service that you deserve, so let us help you prepare for your big day.

Our Mehndi invitations can be an additional insert for your Hindu wedding, Sikh wedding, Muslim wedding, or simply be purchased by itself. We also have a range of Mehndi signs available, which can be personalised and used to welcome your guests to your Mehndi night.

Why The Mehndi Design Is So Significant

In many Indian families, a Mehndi ceremony forms part of the festivities. This ceremony involves the bride and groom’s family members coming up to the stage and welcoming the couple into each other’s family. During this ceremony, henna is put on the palms of their hands, and the family members feed them sweets and put money in a basket for the couple to use in their new union.

This ceremony is incredibly important, and the henna is both representative of the love between the couple and the understanding between the bride and her new mother-in-law. In fact, it is believed that the longer the henna retains its deep colour, the better the life will be for the new couple.

For couples that are excited to start a family, the Mehndi ceremony also forms a representation of the family that they will create and provides a blessing for the couple to look forward to their new life together. It is a deeply symbolic part of traditional Indian weddings and couples that want to further use this symbol often opt to have the Mehndi theme on their wedding stationery.

To assist you with the design of your henna night invites, we some Mehndi invitation templates, which can be downloaded and also some Mehndi symbols. They can be found by clicking on the below links:

Mehndi Card

The types of Mehndi cards we offer can be personalised for your specific event and need. Our personalisation options include:


Each of our cards can be made in a variety of colours so that your finished invites fit perfectly with the theme of your day. We are happy to provide card samples in a range of colours to help you choose, or we would be happy to suggest colours that compliment your theme for you to consider.


We offer a range of different foiling options, including gold foiling and rose gold foiling. Choosing our foiling service will not only give your invites a custom look but will add an air of sophistication to your final product.


With hundreds of fonts to choose from, we can use the one that works best for the feel you are working to create. When you agree to your design and words, just simply choose one of our many fonts to give your stationery the look you are keen to achieve.

Shape & Size

We can create a range of invitation shapes and sizes so that you can create the look you want. From A6 and A5 options to shaped cards and folding options, you can create the card that suits your specific requirements with the least hassle, making your stationery truly unique and memorable.

Mehndi Invitation Card

The star of any event is the invitation that is sent out to the guests. It is a first chance to give a hint at what the event has to offer and will show your guests the style of the day you are trying to create. All couples want to make an impact on their guests, and we work hard to help you create the look that you want to achieve.

However, we offer more than just invitations to weddings; we also have a wide range of other stationery items that will add the finishing touches to your day:

  • Save The Date Cards that give everyone the date and time they need to put in their diaries before the invites are sent out so that no one is missing from your important event.
  • RSVPs that can be used by your guests to post a physical reply to your invite. These make beautiful mementoes that you are sure to treasure for years to come.
  • Orders of Service will help your guests to participate fully in your event and tell them what to expect at each stage of the ceremony. You can also provide them with the words for any songs that need to be sung or blessings that will be given with everyone joining in
  • Menus are a great way to share information about the food and drinks your guests can look forward to and will give them the chance to get excited about what you have chosen.
  • Table Names & Numbers not only show your guests where to go but will continue your Mehndi theme across all the tables in the room and will look amazing with any other decorations you choose to add.
  • Seating Plans are essential when it comes to helping your guests to find their place at the reception. We can print your plan with the Mehndi theme so that it ties in with everything else.
  • Name Cards are also a small detail that provides excellent clarity for your guests when they arrive at their table. It will help them to know where to sit and to find out who they are sat with; the smallest details are often the most important!

Mehndi Party Invitations

We also understand that not events involve weddings and so we work hard to provide beautiful Mehndi stationery for all your parties and events! You may be renewing your commitment or celebrating an engagement and want to use the Mehndi design to signify what is to come for you as a couple.

All of our designs can be used to create stunning stationery for a range of uses, and we would be happy to discuss your specific requirements when you get in touch. Remember that the event you are planning should show off the style and theme that is most important to you; if the Mehndi is that special symbol, then we will do everything we can to create stationery that shows off the true meaning of what you are trying to create.

If you are attending a Mehndi night and would like to read more about it, please visit the below website:

Get Your Mehndi Printing Ordered Today

If you are keen to place an order with us for your Mehndi stationery, then we would love to hear from you. Our team is professionally qualified and will work with you to agree on a design and delivery schedule that suits your requirements.

When you call, make sure you ask us any questions you may have; our team would be delighted to help you. Once you have decided to proceed and shared your requirements, then you can relax and wait for the collection or delivery date to come around. We are sure you will love working with us and thank you for considering our printing services for your special event.

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