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The Pakistani wedding card represents the official announcement of two souls who are uniting eternally. And traditionally, each wedding invitation card has certain unique signs, writings, or icons. You must have always wondered what those invitation card symbols and motifs mean, didn’t you? Like a  crescent moon on Pakistani or Muslim invitation cards. Read on to learn more about the signs and symbols, their meaning, and how to use them aesthetically on traditional and contemporary Pakistani wedding invitation cards.

Pakistani Wedding Invitation Cards

When it comes to Pakistani weddings, there’s something special about the wedding ceremony. The passionate conventional ideals and the lifetime commemoration on a large-scale depict the uniqueness of Pakistani marriages. However, wedding invitations play a crucial role in Pakistani weddings. These Asian wedding cards are also known as Shaadi cards and are distinguished by different aspects, including style and wording.

For Pakistani wedding invitation cards, two marriage invitations are made. That is because all Pakistani or Islamic weddings have two separate occasions, namely Nikkah and the Walima. The Nikkah is the main function, as the two pairs exchanged vows in Qazi’s presence (Islamic priest). Nikkah cards are set by the family of the bride. Walima is the wedding dinner instead, the invitations that the wedding family would offer.

The design of Muslim Wedding Invitation ranges from plain to vibrant and classy ones. However, no matter what the design is but the symbol, colour, and material make the wedding invitation card more valuable.

Pakistani Wedding Symbols

Some certain symbols can be seen on Pakistani wedding card invitations. Each of these has significance. Let’s explore what they are:

  • Allah symbol – The symbol of Allah is an essential feature of Muslim marriage invitation cards. The sign of Allah represents sacred marriage’s holiness and divinity. The marriage card is printed with the expectation that the couple is united with love, pleasure, and understanding.
  • The star & crescent moon – The star and the crescent sign on Muslim cards for wedding invitation indicate the conviction on the Almighty. Both the star and the moon sign indicate absolute trust in God and pleasure in His blessings for a happy marriage.
  • Symbol of Bismillaah– Used in most Pakistani marriage invitation cards, Symbol of Bismillah reflects the Holy Quran’s true spirit. This symbol indicates the blessings from the Almighty.


Green, golden, and red are the most common colours in Pakistani wedding cards. While several pairs choose various colours and shades, these four colours are often the most common. According to the Pakistani customs and values, each colour has its significance: red symbolizes fertility; green reflects piety, and cream signifies pure mind and heart. However, delicate shades like silver, various hues of blue, light to royal, and even peaches and pink are seen as a splendid millennial turn into traditional colours as the pop-up versions of their base shade cream. The compositions may have opposite dark or light shades depending on the Muslim wedding cards’ base, making them distinct.

The card material and designs

The most widely used fabrics in Pakistani wedding cards are silk, satin, hand-made paper, and metallic paper. Mostly because of their beauty and grace, these items are favoured. The look and feel of antique materials improve the aesthetic aura of these Asian wedding invitations. They speak of the royalty that the marriage is all about. The designs are popular in Islamic wedding cards, which have floral patterns (particularly rosé) and peacock motifs.

Pakistani Marriage Cards

The “Who” “What” “When” and “Where” are all the details that you need to incorporate in Pakistan wedding cards. Here are the detailed specifications:

  • Usually, the very first line of the wedding card is committed to the Almighty. At the top of the Pakistani wedding cards are to be written in the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful, “or” Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. This is to evoke God before any auspicious action is initiated.
  • The hostnames are to come next. “Then the line should be when the parents are organizing,” Mr. XXX and Mrs. XXX ask for the honour of the presence at the wedding reception of their daughter or son. If the couple is hosting, the invitation card should be launched, along with relatives, to respect the guest’s presence.
  • A crucial part is the last bit of information. It contains the venue, time, and date of the event, along with the particular event for which you invite your guests.

Suggestions to Select Pakistani Marriage Cards

There is good news for you if you are torn between wedding card styles and classic designs. At CardFusion, we have a wide range of Shadi cards available. Here are the recommendations to make the most of both worlds when you choose Indian wedding invitations:

  • Scrolls – Vintage never gets out of mode. Make your wedding invitations a little real touch by selecting invitations for scrolls. It’s sophisticated and gives the impression of an excellent old Farman. Your invitation card will be modeled on modern style and colour while preserving the meaning of these rituals’ past.
  • Add-on cards – The use of matching add-on cards and the wedding invitation card is another fascinating trend among the millennial couples. Includes different cards for Save Date, RSVP, and Mehndi, “Nikkah, “and” Walima; this will keep the traditions intact and incorporate new elements into your invitations.
  • Digital invites– plan exclusive videos, websites, or e-invitations, including every aspect of the Islamic wedding invitation if you submit a wedding invitation that WhatsApp, you should not fail to add traditional symbols or icons.
  • Personalised Wedding Invitations – At CardFusion, we offer a wide range of options for your invitation cards. We have floral wedding invitations, invites with mandala designs, wedding trees, elephants, peacocks and more. As well as this, we have a range of foiling options for your card designs. Adding foiling to your Islamic marriage cards, will not only add an element of luxury, but it will also let your guests know what to expect during your beautiful wedding.

Pakistani Wedding Cards Online

You have the option of purchasing your wedding cards online these days. But shopping for an online wedding invitation is very different compared to shopping in-store.

Let’s read some tips to remember when you’re on the hunt for wedding cards online and how to guarantee that you will find the best prices.

  • Always Start Your Search Well In Advance

Wedding cards aren’t something you’d routinely shop for. You invest more than the ideal wedding invitation template in looking for the right website. Starting as soon as possible is always smart.

  • Review Multiple Websites

As stated earlier, the websites that sell marriage cards online are not supposed to be well versed. Try to build a comparative list of the top websites you find to ensure that a fair and safe deal is achieved.

All useful tools for you to decide on a good website that sells invite cards online are Google’s Rankings, consumer reviews, social media reviews, etc.

  • Always Confirm Your Sale After Sample Testing

It is easier to determine the quality of the product while shopping regularly. Sadly, the catalog images, feedback, and web statements for online items are all on which you can rely.

It is advisable to have a few samples sent to your address before you order your lot of invitations. This can be achieved by ordering a portion of any card you choose. You will then proceed to the final purchase decision after you have physically inspected the invitations you received.

Pakistani Wedding Cards UK

The main benefits of having your Pakistani wedding cards printed in the UK are:

1) You can get your wedding cards printed at very affordable prices and you do not need to worry about international postage costs, duties, import taxes etc

2) From order to collection, the cards can be ready for delivery or collection in around 2 – 3 weeks

3) You can choose from a wide range of designs and styles.

4) You have contact with an member of our team during UK hours

5) All the cards are designed and printed within the UK, so if there are generally any issues, they can get rectifies fairly quickly

The Bottom Line

Wedding cards are your way of telling the world that you have finally taken the big leap of faith and that you want your loved ones to take part in your celebrations. Buying a Pakistani wedding card online is not a new concept. It is even no dubious one as well, as many people around you might recommend. If you have considered all the tips discussed here, you are certain to find the wedding card you desired at a reasonable price and without much hassle.

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