Hindu Wedding Ceremony Program (A5) – 2

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Elevate the charm of your Hindu wedding ceremony with our finely crafted A5 double sided Hindu wedding order of service sheet. Meticulously designed and expertly printed on high-quality 350gsm cardstock, this sheet embodies the essence of your sacred union in a compact form.

Our Hindu wedding ceremony program is more than just a sheet – it’s a gateway to your special day’s rituals and traditions. The thoughtful layout presents a seamless flow of events, from pre-wedding customs to the pinnacle of your vows. The use of premium cardstock not only imparts a tactile elegance but also ensures durability, preserving the memory of your union for years to come.

With intricate design elements and a clear, legible format, this sheet becomes a cherished guide for your guests, helping them immerse themselves in the significance of each ritual. Its compact size makes it easy to hold and peruse, while the double-sided printing maximizes space without compromising on clarity.

The Hindu wedding programme is printed in full colour, double sided on 350gsm white cardstock. The size of this card is A5.

A5 size is: 148mm wide x 210mm height.

The fonts, font colours, symbols and symbol colours can all be changed. Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to order.

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