Punjabi Wedding Cards | A Blissful Journey For Two Souls! CardFusion

Punjabi Wedding Cards | A Blissful Journey For Two Souls!

Merely talking about your wedding ceremony can tickle your soul and bring in zeal & excitement. Especially when it is a “Punjabi Wedding”, the level of excitement and enthusiasm is to the other level. Anand Karaj, meaning Blissful Union is what refers to the Sikh marriage ceremony (Anand Karaj). No Indian wedding is complete without the presence of family members. This is where Indian wedding card play an important role. Designing a Punjabi wedding invitation card is not just an art but a dedication to the couple who is tying Knots and promising to spend their entire life together.

A Sikh shadi card is a reflection of tradition and joy.  Since the beginning of time, wedding invitations have been very crucial. Right from fancy scrolls being used in the old times to beautifully designed new-age Punjabi wedding cards, the whole concept has evolved a lot over the years.

Designing a Sikh wedding card that matches the theme of the gala event is something that has become a trend today. Selection of the right wedding card design or getting a personalized Punjabi wedding card design can become very challenging if you don’t know who to go to, especially when you are abroad.

Jago Invitation Card

For a Punjani wedding, some cultural traditions would involve a Jago party (read more). “Jago” means “wake up”. It is a pre-wedded ritual held at night before marriage, when the relatives of bride and groom dance and celebrate. The main idea behind it is for everyone to enjoy the wedding party the most by dancing and celebrating.

Indian wedding reception

As well as this, there may also be a reception party to celebrate the marriage, this is also known as the Indian wedding reception card. We have a range of Indian wedding reception templates and symbols that can be used for this insert. All the inserts should include the basic function details

Now that we know that Punjabi wedding cards are so much more than the invite, let’s figure out some ways in which we at CardFusion have helped people get personalized Indian wedding invitations.

  • Adding religious verses from the holy book “Guru Granth Sahib”

We, at Card Fusion, customize the Punjabi wedding cards with the religious verses from Guru Granth Sahib, adding a touch of tradition & culture to the wedding card.

  • Engraving or adding symbols reminiscent of the Punjabi faith

You can also get cultural symbols that are reminiscent of the Sikh faith on your wedding invitation card.

  • Customizing the wedding card design to resonate with the wedding theme

Today, the trend of wedding themes has grown a lot. This is why the demand for wedding theme based Punjabi wedding card designs has also increased. We, at CardFusion, have designed several wedding theme-based Punjabi cards. So, if you are looking for a designer who can work up a designer wedding card based on your wedding theme, you have come to the right place.

  • Adding the embellishments to make it more graceful

Adding laces, tassels, zari, mirrors, stores, and more can significantly improve the overall look and feel of your wedding card. This is the reason why most people who love the shine and glitter that is a crux of Punjabi weddings tend to go with our embellished Punjabi wedding invitation cards collection.

These are some ways in which we customize our wedding cards to make them personalized with the feel of the wedding that you are planning. Finding the right wedding card designer abroad can be a challenge which is the reason why we initiated our company – CardFusion. We unlike other designers understand the emotions that are engaged with the wedding card. So, if you are looking for a  Sikh wedding card designer, contact us.

Things to consider while looking for a wedding invitation card for a Punjabi wedding.

·        The style of the wedding

The first thing that one needs to consider while selecting a wedding invitation card is the style of the wedding you are planning. Depending on whether it is a full traditional celebration or a semi-one, you can select the style of the wedding card.

·        The theme of the wedding if you have any

Since the trend of theme weddings is flourishing, it has become a trend in the wedding invitation card industry as well. Before you go on selecting the wedding card for your BIG DAY, you must figure out if you want a theme wedding or not. If yes, it is best that your wedding card design resonates with the theme of the celebration.

·        Quality of the paper you want

The next very important thing to consider while choosing a wedding card for your special occasion is to figure out which type of paper you want it printed on. There are several types of papers available in the market for wedding invitation cards. We at CardFusion have excellent quality of paper for wedding card invitations. Depending on the design of the card, colour scheme or theme, we choose the paper that fits the best.

·        Size & orientation of the card

Next comes the size and orientation of the card. This completely depends on the personal choice of the couple & their family. Sometimes, depending on the design, we have to switch to landscape or portrait orientation. Still, it is completely your choice to decide which size and orientation of card you are looking for. The standard style, however, is 229mm x 162mm and the standard orientation is landscape.

·        Cost of the wedding card

Another huge factor to consider while looking for a Sikh wedding invitation card is to fix the cost. When you are out shopping for invitation cards for your wedding, you probably will be tempted to see designs that will let you down the path where you will end up spending more money than required. So, before you go out and start looking for Sikh or Punjabi wedding invitations, you must set a budget in your head. At Card Fusion, we have a wide range of wedding cards best for Punjabi weddings in budget. You must check out the collection.

·        Digital invites

We often get asked if we can design and create digital invites for your punjabi marriage. The simple answer is yes. Our process is that once the order has been confirmed, we will send you PDF digital proofs. Once the proofs have been approved, we would be more than happy to provide you with a digital PDF file of your Indian wedding card design. The Indian wedding invite can then be sent by WhatsApp or email to your close ones.

·        Don’t forget

Don’t forget important elements to have on the insert. These include the bride name, groom name, function details, such as the wedding venue, dates, timings and RSVP details. Grandparents names and parents names should also be added, to adhere to cultural traditions.

Religious motifs would also play an important part on your wedding insert. At CardFusion, we have a range of Sikh symbols available, which can be used on your invite or on the inserts.

Taking the above points into consideration will help in creating your perfect wedding invitations. If you want your Indian wedding invitation card to look even more stunning, why not ask us about our Gold foiling options?

These are some useful tips that will help you select the right wedding invitation for your BIG DAY. We all know how important a wedding can be in one’s life. This is the reason why you must take care of every aspect of the wedding, even the wedding invitations. Wedding invitations are not just invited in the Punjabi tradition. They are so much more than that. They reflect the love, bond, and togetherness of the family, and gives the first reflection of the joy you are feeling for this occasion.

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We, at CardFusion, understand that your wedding celebration is a big deal, and we can personalise many of our Punjabi & Sikh wedding cards that are in our collection. Our Indian wedding cards are designed and printed in the UK.

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