What makes Punjabi wedding cards so special?

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If you have ever been to a Punjabi wedding, you would know how blissful and grand this is, not just for couples but also for their families. Right from the decor, food, to rituals, you can see a clear reflection of the Punjabi culture in Punjabi weddings. Even in a Punjabi wedding invitation card, you can feel the excitement, honor, and that bliss. They indeed are the essence of a Punjabi or Sikh wedding.

There is no doubt that Punjabi wedding invitations are unique and you can see that uniqueness in their choice of colours, texture, font, and even wordings and design. Designing a Punjabi wedding card is something different than designing a normal wedding since every Punjabi family is looking for a personalized touch in their wedding invitations.

Be it any Sikh or Punjabi weddings, the preparations always begin by selecting a right wedding invitation card that you would send out to invite all your loved ones, family members, and friends, to this special occasion.

Here, we are going to explore everything about Sikh wedding cards and what makes them so special. So, let’s begin…

  • Touch of spirituality

Weddings, especially Sikh and Punjabi weddings are considered to be a special event that is loaded with the spiritual bliss and blessings. Most Sikh wedding invitations come with spiritual symbols engraved on them. They believe by engraving these wedding cards with religious symbols, we are devoting these invitations to God and are asking for their blessings. This is the reason we have so many different options of Punjabi wedding invitations with spiritual symbols engraved on them or at least have a place for them.

  • Attractive Yet Readable Font

Another major thing that makes these Sikh or Punjabi wedding cards exciting is the selection of the font style. While most people want to keep the font subtle, readable, and yet quite blingy, it becomes the crux of the entire wedding card. We all know that there is no point in designing a Punjabi wedding card in subtle colours. They have to be vibrant and colourful. Considering that, choosing the font style that goes with the bold colours is what is very challenging and this is what we have managed to get expertise in.

  • Work of imagination

Another very important thing that makes Sikh wedding invitation exciting is to know how imagination can help in designing a perfect invite for this grandeur event. We can play around with the photographs of the couple, caricatures, and even religious motifs and quotes from the Holy book – “Guru Granth Sahib”.

All these points mentioned above all together make the task of designing Punjabi wedding invitations quite exciting. Like any other religion with a Punjabi wedding card, you can also experiment a lot. We, at CardFusion, work with some of the best graphic designers who can create a perfect wedding card that you might have imagined. Let’s make your wedding invites more fun and inviting together.

Some of our best Sikh wedding invitation cards are –

1. Indian Wedding Card, Gold Foiled

This subtle white and gold wedding card is perfect for those who are looking for stylish yet decent Punjabi wedding invitation cards for weddings. This card comes with a 350gsm white card and gold foil highlighting.

2. Watercolour Peacock Invitation Card

Peacocks have been a favourite graphic that has been used in designing wedding invitations from the beginning of time. This Watercolour Peacock Invitation Card comes in bright red colour and with white font which makes it exclusively attractive and vibrant. So, if you are looking for some vibrant Punjabi wedding invitations, this is the best for you.

3. Gold foiled Sikh Wedding Card

Another fascinating Punjabi wedding card that comes with the touch of culture and subtle taste. The white and gold colour of this wedding invitation card is something that makes it a perfect choice for people who want to reflect the idea of culture yet want to keep it subtle to the eye.

How Can You Order A Punjabi Wedding Card At CardFusion?

Now that we have discovered that CardFusion is the best place to find authentic, religious, and traditional Sikh wedding invitations abroad. On top of the stunning designs, we also have made it very simple for one to order Punjabi wedding cards.

Steps to follow to place an order with CardFusion –

i) Scroll through the designs and select one.

ii) After selecting, all the quantities of the card required to the basket.

iii) Go to the basket and complete the order by paying. You can pay for the cards using PayPal.

  1. Once the order is accepted, you are required to email us the working at info@cardfusion.co.uk and we will start designing the card.
  2. Once we are ready with the design, we will email you the pdf version of the same for you to verify.
  3. Once you approve the design, we will start printing them and will shop the order.

Wedding invitation wording

If you require some inspiration for your wordings, we have a range of templates that can be used. As well as this, we have a range of symbols that can be used on the inserts.

Punjabi wedding invitation wording: https://www.cardfusion.co.uk/wedding-invitation-wordings/sikh-wedding-invitation-wordings/

Punjabi wedding symbols: https://www.cardfusion.co.uk/wedding-symbols/sikh-wedding-symbols/

Bottom Line

These are some of the steps that you need to follow when it comes to placing an order with CardFusion. We, at CardFusion, understand the zeal you are looking for in a Punjabi wedding invitation. Keeping this in mind, we have designed some stunning wedding cards for your wedding. We help solve at least one part of the wedding planning for you. So, if you are looking for a Punjabi wedding invitation, there is no place better than CardFusion which specialises in designing glamorous, authentic, and inviting wedding invitations for your wedding.

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