Table Menus

A table menu is used to provide your guests with a taste of what food they are going to be treated to.  Usually starting with the starters, which is then followed by the mains and finally the much awaited dessert(s).  Some couples also use the bottom line of the menu to add a personalised message to the guests, which sometimes includes 'Thank you for joining us on our special day'.  There are usually around 2 menus per table and shared amongst the guests on the table.  The table menu has multiple uses.  Firstly, it states the food that is available for the function.  The menu can also highlight which plates are suitable for vegetarians or vegans.  It can also state allergy information i.e. which plates contains nuts, milk, eggs and so on.  Caterers and venues alike can use the menu to promote their businesses, for example, a line like 'This food was proudly brought to you by XYZ caterers' can be added to the menu.  If the food is delicious, you can almost guarantee that some of your guests will be making a note of the caterers details for future reference.  Why not also look at our table numberstable plans, Affordable invitation cards or our Indian Wedding Invitation Cards which complement the theme of the table menus.

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