Finding the Perfect Wedding Signs and Seating Charts

Finding the Perfect Wedding Table Plan and Wedding Signs CardFusion

When you are planning an event such as a wedding, you must consider every tiny detail to ensure than the day goes without any problems or mishaps. However simple a decision may be, the effort you put into the outcome will have a significant impact on the feel of the event. One of the critical features of a wedding reception is the décor and wedding table plan; these need to be clear and in keeping with the theme of the day. To help, we have shared some advice on the best way to get hold of the signs you need, made from the best quality materials.

Work Out What You Want

Before you head off to a stationer with your requirements for your signs and charts, you need to have an idea of what you are looking for. You may want large welcome signs that get your guest feeling festive or a chart that displays exactly where everyone needs to sit. Whatever you need, it is wise to note it all down so that when you talk to the stationer, you are able to map out your order and get an accurate quote.

Here at CardFusion, our friendly team is ready to work with you to ensure that all your signs and wedding table plans look perfect, leaving you with the time to focus on the other aspects of planning your big day. Once we have an agreed plan, we will get to work and keep you in the loop as everything progresses, this way, you will never need to feel stressed and wonder where your order is.

Why Wedding Signs Work

If you are trying to work out if you need signs for your day, then consider where the reception is being held and whether your wedding guests will be confident in where to go. You can opt for signs that state the couple’s names and directional arrows or just opt for a few signs to put around the reception room that welcomes each guest and shows them where to go for food, drinks, or the toilet.

By adding this level of personalisation to your day, you will end up with the feeling that it is really all about you as a couple and the guests will be left feeling like they were welcomed and wanted when it came to sharing in your marital joy.

Wedding Table Plans Are Essential

Seating charts are one of the most crucial aspects of any wedding reception. The reality is that you are bound to spend hours working out who sits where and what everyone will have in common. You will then spend time carefully putting out name places so that you guest are aware of their seats when they get to their tables, but without a wedding table seating chart, they may struggle to get seated, and chaos will ensue.

Sharing a seating plan at the entrance to the reception is a quick and easy way to direct everyone with ease and does not require any member of staff or relative to check people in so that the focus can remain on you and your guests having the time of your life.

Bear in mind that your guests might be coming into the venue at the same time, so you do not want to overcrowd the area where the seating chart is located. You may decide that you want to have two identical wedding seating charts, located at two different areas.

Seating charts usually work well with wedding table numbers / table names and place cards. Once your guests have located the table that they are to be seated on, the next wedding stationery that comes into play would be the table numbers or table names. The table numbers or names are the identifier on the seating chart and are also placed on the table. They are usually placed on a holder, which allows your guests to quickly identify the table that they will be seated on from a distance.

Think About Materials

One essential part of planning your décor is to consider the materials you want them printed on. Many couples get conned into believing that inferior quality materials will look fine when they have been printed on. However, this is a risk that you should not be willing to take as your wedding day memories will last forever.

All our printed signs and charts use high-quality 5mm foamex board printing so that you can be confident that your reception venue will look phenomenal and that you can keep your printing for many years to come as a perfect keepsake from the day.

Think About Your Guest List

The seating arrangements will primarily depend on the guest list. You may have some family members that would like to sit on the same table, but if you are aware of any internal family issues, it would be risky to ask your wedding guests to be seated on the same table as those they feel uncomfortable with. If you are unsure or have doubts, just ask! This should be included in the planning process.

Think About Design

The great part about printing on Foamex is that you can plan your design to suit the day rather than having to be hemmed into a single design option. When you have worked out what signs and charts you want then it is time to consider how you want them designed. We offer a range of cutting options if you do not want the traditional rectangular shape and we can also offer the full range of colours when it comes to printing.

When you know what you want, then it is time to talk to us and share your vision. We would be more than happy to help you with ideas if you are struggling and we have an extensive portfolio of previous work we have completed to give you an idea of what you can expect from us.

Many customers also create a theme depending on the season that they are getting married. For example, eucalyptus leaves might be used for a Spring wedding, Red and Orange coloured leaves could be used for an Autumn wedding.

You may also opt to have a minimalist design and take advantage of using simple borders.

The wedding table seating chart can be designed in two ways. The most popular being a rectangular table plan with the names of guests listed according to the table they will be seated on; this one is the most popular one. The second option is to physically work out the layout of the wedding venue and design the layout based physically on where each guest will be seated. There are a couple of points to mention if you decide on the latter. Considerations such as stages, dance floor, where the videographers will be set up, any catering tables should be noted.

Have A Look At Our Samples

We have a wide range of wedding seating chart ideas on our website. Once an order has been placed with a design from our website, we will also send you a digital PDF proof for you to check and approve.

Proofs are an essential part of any printing service, and it is your chance to get a realistic idea of what you will end up with.

Depending on the size of the function and what your expectations are, we also offer foiling on card up to A3. Our foil colours include gold foil, rose gold and silver. These usually work well for the wedding welcome signs. If you do not have a large number of guests, we would also recommend a foiled printed seating plan.

How The Printing Process Works

Printing on Foamex board is perfect for any event as it is a material that has been solely designed for printing on. It is easy to cut into different shapes, light to transport, and incredibly tough and durable. The other great thing about this product is that it is waterproof so that you can hang your signs inside and outside without having to worry should there be any showers.

Once your design has been agreed, we take it and upload it to our printing deck. From there, we can manipulate and resize the design to fit on any shape or size piece of Foamex board that suits your requirements. When it is all correctly aligned and sized, we use our industrial printer to bring your creation to life.

We then carefully finish the product putting it through a rigorous quality checking service before we package it up to send or deliver to you. By taking pride and care in the work we complete, you are sure to fall in love with the finished product ready for your big day.

Connect With Us

Rather than struggling to work through the range of options available, why don’t you get in touch with us? We are more than happy to discuss our range and offer quality Foamex board printing UK wide, meaning that no matter where you are, we are here for you. Connect with us today and get your wedding stationery organised with minimal fuss and hassle. We are excited to work with you.

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