How To Impress Your Guests With Your Indian Wedding Invitation Card?

Indian weddings are one of the most cherished and auspicious occasions for Indians, primarily because of the rich culture. And celebrating this splendid event without an extravagant Indian Wedding Invitation Card is just impossible.

It’s inconceivable to deny that the Indian Wedding Invitation card is an addition that completes Indian weddings. So, how can one overlook choosing a unique Indian Wedding invitation design that impresses the guests and imprints its mark in their minds?

Did you know there are numerous modes to add a touch of elegance to your Wedding card design? We have discovered that today’s modern culture mandates a contemporary yet simple wedding invitation card design.

But did you consider the other side of the coin? Your Indian Wedding card presents your guests with a first glimpse into what to expect from your lavish wedding ceremony.

And for this, we got you solved with various modes to add an extra touch to your desired wedding card. Because, of course, no one wants their wedding invitation card to be anything less than remarkable, so why shall yours be the one?

We’re listing down how to impress your guests with your Indian wedding invitation card and decide the best ideas to make yours unique!

Go For Pop-Up Designs

Did you know adding a touch of 3D pop-up designs can enhance the overall appeal of your wedding card design? Pop-up designs never went out of trend! It attracted us as children, yet it is attractive as an adult. The extra elements of pop-ups create a magnific look and bring an aesthetic touch to your wedding cards.

Playing Card Theme

Invitations sported around playing cards are something extra funky to try on for all the imaginative and quirky couples.

The standard playing card set is customised with all wedding elements inserted in the playing card-themed design. This imaginative idea substitutes the King & Queen with the Bride & Groom’s picture. You can list the function details on the other side of the “playing card” inserts. Sounds interesting, right?

Temple Inspired Card Design

The temple-themed wedding card design is a significant element that adds an impressive appeal to the wedding invitation cards. Details of temple segments like:

  • Temple frames
  • Bells
  • Peacocks
  • Dancing girl murals
  • Elephants
  • Various Indian god figures

They all look amazing on the right backdrop colour. An Indian-inspired font style and use of gold-tone text look beautiful. You can always make it more distinctive with colourful stone embellishments.

Design ideas

There are a number of design ideas available when you are looking at creating personalised invites. Here are some Indian wedding card design ideas for you to consider:

  • Elephant theme wedding invitations
  • Floral wedding cards, with floral elements
  • Mandala symbols
  • Paisley patterns
  • Popular motifs

Depending on how many events you have, it may influence what type of invite you decide to purchase e.g. if you simply have one event, a single card in an envelope may suffice. If however you have multiple wedding events, you may opt for an invite with a pocket or flap, which can hold various inserts for your events. The design of the inserts is equally as important as your actual invitation card.

Traditional Caricature Design

The traditional caricature card has a fun and creative design running in the market of Indian wedding cards. This design portrays the sketch picture of the bride and the groom in a way that no one can miss out on the exceptional view and design of the wedding card. This style of wedding card design is perfect for couples who love trying something exotic and something spectacular.

Tip: this can be one of the best designs that can undoubtedly impress your guests.

Photo Print Invitation Card

One fantastic way to get a one-of-a-kind, unique wedding invitation card is to imprint your and your family’s photos in it. Adding cute family photographs to your sleek wedding card design will bring a smile to your guest’s face. It will also give a glimpse of the other side of the bride or groom.

All you need is to prepare some good photos like some funny animated avatars of you that can be added if you like. Well, the only limit is your imagination—thinking about how to execute it? Well, that’s why we are here!

Location Theme Wedding Card

Nothing seems to be a more extraordinary idea than turning your wedding location into your wedding card design theme. In this way, you can hint to your guest about your extra-lavish destination wedding location, which will surely make them think about this new idea. And also ensure to raise the excitement to attend your wedding.

To find out more about what happens at an Indian wedding, please see the below link:

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We desire you to prefer some of the ideas mentioned above to make your own wedding card design special. Customers often feel that the most elegant wedding invitations are those that are minimalist. If not, drop out your desires and thoughts for your dream wedding card design, and let us craft it up to your mark. Or, if you are confused about understanding the best wedding invite designs for you, let us help you out with various ideas and designs from our collection. Within the Indian wedding invite bracket, you can find Hindu wedding cards, Muslim wedding cards / Islamic wedding invitation and Punjabi wedding cards / Sikh invitation cards. At CardFusion, we have wide choices for wedding card and are also able to work with you to create a perfect wedding card, that is unique to you!

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