Selecting the Right Muslim Wedding Invitation Style for Your Special Day CardFusion

Selecting the Right Muslim Wedding Invitation Style for Your Special Day.

When it comes to a Muslim wedding, the invitation is an important part of setting the tone. Different styles of Muslim wedding invitations exist ranging from traditional to contemporary. Here are five of the best styles that are perfect for your big day.

1. Unique Touch with Portray

Portray is a Muslim wedding invitation style featuring intricate designs and calligraphy. It is ideal for couples desiring a traditional touch to their invitation. Portray invitations are crafted with high-quality paper and adorned with gold or silver foil accents. These invitations are sophisticatedly designed and sure to make an impression on your guests.

2. Paisley Designed Wedding Cards

Many Muslim couples select paisley-designed wedding cards as invitations. This traditional Islamic design is a symbol of the tree of life and is an elegant, timeless choice. Paisley wedding invitations come in a variety of colours and can be tailored to fit the wedding’s theme.

3. Invite Your Special One with Peacock Theme

The peacock theme is a popular choice for Muslim wedding invitations. It symbolizes beauty, grace, and elegance and is perfect for couples who want a touch of glamour to their invitation. Peacock wedding invitations feature intricate designs and are available in multiple colours. They can be customized to match the wedding theme and will impress your guests.

4. Animal-Themed Wedding Invitations

Animal-themed wedding invitations are a great choice for animal lovers. Their designs can include various animals such as elephants, horses, and birds. They come in a selection of colours and can be customised to fit any theme. Animal-themed invitations provide an enjoyable and unique way to invite guests to your wedding.

5. Impress Your Recipients with Customised Add-on Invitations

Personalised stationery is available for invitations, offering varieties such as ribbon, lace, and crystals to match the wedding style. These items can be kept by guests as a memento of your special day.

Personalizing wedding invitations with photographs is a great way to make an impression on guests. Including images of the couple in black and white can provide an individualized look, or pictures of the venue can be considered for destination weddings. It is important to choose lettering that contrasts with the background colour; use lighter colours on darker backgrounds and darker colours on lighter backgrounds.

Reverse mirror invitations are a distinct style of wedding invitation with the wording written in reverse order. Envelopes containing a small, decorative mirror can add to the novelty of the card. However, this style may cost more than contemporary and unique alternatives which is something to keep in mind if you have a tight budget for your wedding.


Muslim wedding invitations are an important part of any wedding. They provide the essential details, as well as showcase the couple’s style and taste. There are various types of Muslim wedding invitations, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Whether you select Portray, Paisley, Peacock, Animal-themed, or tailor-made cards; guests will surely be impressed. Select a style that reflects your personalities best and make your day even better.

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