Table Numbers

Table numbers usually work in conjunction with our table plans.  Table numbers are used to let your guests know what table they will be sitting at for the duration of the function.  Members from the same family or social groups are usually put on a table.  We have matching sets of table numbers, table plans, table menus and invitation cards.  The table numbers can also be used in conjuction with our Indian Wedding Cards, whereby the inserts can be customised to match a particular theme.  Having matching items will ensure consitency, particularly if you have a theme in mind.  Usually having two table numbers (printed double sided) per table on a small easel or a table number holder will allow your guests to see from afar where their table is.  On occasions, customers like to try different things and rather than having table numbers, they opt for table names.  Table names can vary from holiday destinations to names of nightclubs to everything in between, particularly if the couple have a mutual hobby, it can work for more or less anything.

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