5 Hindu cards for a modern wedding

Planning a wedding invite for your special upcoming wedding day? Confused about which wedding card design is the best for a Hindu wedding? The first question that you need to ask yourself is do you have a wedding theme or colour scheme? If you also have all these questions revolving around in your head, then have a look at the 5 best Hindu card designs that are shown below on this page. There are lovely and exotic Hindu wedding card designs for you on this page. You will find the typical Hindu gods and goddesses and floral prints. In addition, there are such classy-looking ones like abstract designs for the modern wedding, gold prints, Indian flowers, rich colour combinations that lend a sophisticated, yet elegant to the wedding invitation card. So, without any more ado, let’s dive right into what you are looking for – The 5 best Hindu wedding card designs for your modern Hindu wedding invitation.

Abstract Ganesha card design

5 Hindu cards for a modern wedding CardFusion

There is nothing more auspicious than a print of Ganesha on the Hindu marriage invitation card. Gone are the days when Hindu card designs had the entire print of Ganesha on the front. Evolving taste and aesthetic sense in people have made them realize the subtle, yet striking, the appeal of the abstract Ganesha. The curvy contours of the tusks, eyes, legs, stomach are brought to life in startling ways in an abstract Ganesha wedding card invite. Make it even more appealing with an etched design of Ganesha. You can throw in a contrasting blue background and some patterns on the side. Always remember, pastel shades won’t be able to make the desired impression here. Use bold colours and always use a nice and attractive background. It could be a floral design or an abstract background. The abstract Ganesha oozes class and says a lot about your taste.

Floral card design

5 Hindu cards for a modern wedding CardFusion

Flowers add that floral appeal to Indian wedding cards. Flowers print portrays a lot about your sense of design. A flower is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in the Hindu religion. A flower also resembles everything auspicious in Hindu marriages. A floral design is full of symmetry and curvy contours. It can be as simple as a pink shade, or something more flamboyant, as a wreath of flowers. It lends an exotic appeal to the card. There is so much customization you can do to the floral design. You can either have it printed with different shades of red, blue, or other primary colours. A pastel shade looks great for the background of the card. Add some stylish lettering text to your Indian wedding invitations to make them look so elegant and charming.

Lord Krishna card design

5 Hindu cards for a modern wedding CardFusion

There is no end to the extent of variations and designs you can make from Hindu gods. It is so in the case of Indian wedding card designs. Lord Krishna symbolizes purity, goodwill, wealth, and auspicious events. When imprinted on a wedding invitation card, it enhances the level of the auspicious charm of that wedding itself. Not only is Lord Krishna a principal Hindu god, but is also a divine incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Besides, he can be interpreted in so many different ways in a Hindu wedding invite. You can adopt a golden colour for the main outlines, some shades of blue for the skin, and some floral design in the background. Krishna and Radha make the most romantic of pairs, and so can be Krishna with a flute. This is just one design that immediately strikes, but there are endless design inspirations that you can come up with.

Folk Art card design

5 Hindu cards for a modern wedding CardFusion

It is so surprising how a wedding card design can portray a real wedding. It lends its appeal to the actual wedding that is about to take place. Take, for instance, a wedding card design with folk art as its essence. It lends an earthy touch to the wedding card and a rustic appeal that is so subtle. It also says a lot about the choice of the groom and his sense of aesthetics and design. India is rich in its folk art and there are so many designs that you can adopt. Take, for instance, the Warli motifs, or the exotic Madhubani paintings. It takes quite some intricate details to include in this folk art-inspired wedding card design. Options are so diverse, such as miniature paintings of Rajasthan, Tanjore paintings, or the very intricate Kalamkari painting. You can design your Indian wedding invitations in the UK to portray the unique folk art of India through a folk art design wedding card.

Peacock card design

5 Hindu cards for a modern wedding CardFusion

There is hardly any bird that has the charm of the peacock, and a peacock adds style and richness to a Hindu wedding card like no other. A peacock is the very symbol of artistic beauty. A peacock when chosen as the main design for your wedding card portrays so much about you. You show admiration for Indian arts, Indian culture, and a delicate, but a striking sense of aesthetics. A peacock is also a very sacred religious symbol for the Hindus. But the designs that you can think of when you choose a peacock for your Hindu wedding invitation card design are unmatched. Think of those colourful and wavy feathers, the sheer variety of colours and styles you can think of is unimaginable. Add some floral prints if you like, but again, the peacock is the only design that you can choose. You can come with some of the best peacock-inspired Hindu card designs for your big Indian wedding.

Our verdict

The Indian wedding invitation card is amongst one of the first impressions your guests will get of your wedding ceremony and pre wedding ceremonies. All of the above is the latest trending Hindu card designs. However, you should also see some others if you have a better idea of Hindu mythology and all its auspicious symbols that go perfectly with the wedding card design. You can go for more traditional wedding symbols like mandap décor and Hindu couple. Ganesha is very common, and you can go for it anytime. However, if you want to portray your wedding as being modern, then you should experiment with different wedding symbols from the above, and add pastel colours, borders, flowy swirl designs, abstract themes, rich colours, floral designs.

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