Gold Foiled wedding invites: Delight guests with your wedding cards

 Gold – the classic metal that signifies every Indian occasion – especially weddings.

Love it for its status and fineness. Or, how exquisite it can make your wedding card look. You can make any invitation extra unique and appealing creating a lasting statement among your invitees.

Illuminate your wedding correspondence with stunning gold accents and hook your guests’ attention as they pull your wedding invitation out of the envelope.

If you’re new to gold foiling wedding cards, we’ll take you by hand and guide you through the entire process.

Let us start with the basics.

What is gold foiling?

What are the different types of gold foiling?

Generally, there are four different types of gold foiling invitation card:

  1. Foiled stamped: This style incorporates real beautiful foil detailing into the wedding card along with a digitally printed personal message.
  2. Custom personalized foil invitations: In this gold foiling style, you can take the foil game to a whole different level with personalized foil invites. However, it is a bit pricey, but worth it.
  3. Personalized foil texts: Why not make customizations a step further? You can use gold foiling for personalized texts and messages to print on the wedding invitation in this style.
  4. Faux foil: This is a bit cheaper compared to other gold foiling styles and is made without using any real foil- giving a shimmering effect.

Is gold the only colour option for foil wedding invitations?

Though gold is the most popular choice for wedding invitations, they aren’t the only option. You can get your foil in almost any colour. But the most popular foil printing this season gives a natural metallic finish like – rose gold and silver. These colours look elegant and sleek.

It’s not mandatory to choose foils that have to be of a metallic tone. You can also play with different foil colours, including blue, baby pink, fuchsia and purple to name a few.

Why choose gold foiling for your wedding invitation cards?

  • Gold foiled wedding cards don’t use traditional paper printing and ink method, making a lot of difference. How? Because when your wedding pallet is of lighter or pastel colour, the ink may change the whole look of the invitation. But gold foiling never alters the card’s look, maintaining the original design that you actually wanted.
  • Gold foils have a luxurious and metallic finish at adds charm and style instantly- that never fades away. If you want to keep your invitation card simple and sober without much heavy designing, a simple gold foiling can make the magic happen.
  • This is one of the classiest trends that is going around this wedding season.
  • If you’re a couple that prefers minimalist style and designs, gold foiling is ideal for you!

If you are on a hunt of the best gold wedding invites, this list is a must.

For every couple planning their wedding invites, this one is for you’ll.

 Simple is the new sexy

Yes, you read that right! While everyone is looking for colourful designs and objects, opt for something simple yet appealing. Remember, less is always more!

  • Too much?

We know you want to mention every minute detail to your wedding card. It just makes it look shabby and overcrowded. Try to keep it simple and on point.

  • Spellings

Never misspell your invitee names. After writing everything, make it a point to recheck it all.

  • Over-ordering or less ordering?

Neither we want you to over-order your invites, nor we want you to order less. The best way to do this is to make an estimate of the guests and then kickstart the process of invitation- and not the other way round.

 Final thoughts

Gold foiling complements all types of wedding themes- ranging from contemporary to romantic, from whimsical to casual.

To choose a classic gold foiling trends for your wedding invitation, visit and witness the beautiful gold foiled wedding card designs and accessories we have in store for you.

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