Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Our laser cut wedding invites (which are also known as lace wedding invites) are a must for those that are looking for a modern Indian wedding card, but with a slight twist to it. These laser cut wedding invitations have a beautiful laser cut religious symbol at the centre. You will definitely impress your guests with one of our elegant laser invites. The laser cut is just one impressive part of this invite. The other part is the fact that we actually use premium pearlescent cardstock for this. The White or Cream inserts that we supply also have a pearlescent shimmer to add to the already impressive invitation card. As our wedding invitations are designed and printed in the UK, we can offer a great turnaround time.

Laser Cut Wedding Invites CardFusion

Laser Cut Wedding Envelopes

We supply matching envelopes for our laser cut wedding invitations. Although these envelopes are not actually laser cut, we use the same cardstock as the invite to ensure consistency. On the top left corner of the envelope, you will see the same religious symbol as that on the laser invite, except it is foiled in gold. As well as this, we also have an elegant gold foiled border at the bottom of the envelope. Again, the envelope also has a pearlescent shimmer on it.

Wedding Invitation Wording

Once you have picked out your ideal laser cut wedding invite, the next step in the process would be to arrange the wedding invitation wording. Whether you have selected a lase cut invitation for a Hindu wedding, a Muslim wedding, or a Sikh wedding, we have you covered in terms of wedding invites wording. We use a variety of fonts and symbols to create our templates. To make the process as efficient as possible, we allow customers to browse through our different wording styles, see what layouts and wordings stand out to them and actually allow them to be downloaded (as a Microsoft Word document). Simply open the file, replace our sample text with your information (bride and grooms names, date of the function, venue details etc), save the file and send it back to us. We will get our designer to create a digital proof for you.

Personalised Wedding Invitations

Whilst the actual laser cut wedding invitation and the matching envelopes that we provide cannot be personalised, we allow customers to fully personalise the wedding invitation wording. The colours of the text and symbols can be changed, different symbols and patterns can be added (floral, paisley etc) and we even offer gold foiling, rose gold foiling and silver foiling for the inserts.

Cheap Wedding Invites

Laser cut wedding invites are not the cheapest types of cards available. Due to the fact that each card has to be laser cut individually and the card that we use for the actual laser cut wedding invitation card, the matching envelope and the inserts are high quality pearlescent cardstock, this will keep the costs slightly higher than traditional digitally printed invitation cards. However, there are certain options that can keep the costs reasonable. Ordering a higher quantity of cards always keeps the costs that slight bit lower. Having the inserts digitally printed as opposed to having them foiled would also keep the costs lower. Finally, you may decide that you do not want to you pearlescent cardstock for the inserts and instead opt for a plain white (and heavier) cardstock.

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