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How Many Invitation Cards Will I Need

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man doubting design 1133 263One question that we usually get asked regarding Indian Wedding Cards is how many invitation cards will I need?  We have often heard stories whereby people are looking to invite a total of 200 guests, yet they also end up ordering 200 invitation cards.  One aspect that is often forgotten is that many guests that you will be inviting are part of the same family (usually between 4-6 family members). On the other hand, when it comes to friends and colleagues, you will often be inviting a single member. The best way to work out how many invitation cards that you need in total would be to find out the total number of people you will be inviting then divide this number by 3.

So for example, if you were to invite 240 people in total, you would need between 80 - 90 cards on average. This number is to give you a rough estimate.  If you were going to be inviting more friends and colleagues (sending them an invitation for a single guest) then the number of invitation cards could even exceed 140.

To ensure minimal wastage (which also means money saving), try and work with an invitation company who are flexible when it comes to re-ordering (if needed).

At CardFusion, we will work closely with you to ensure minimal wastage.  We would ask you to provide us with the minimal number of invitation cards that you require.  As you are sending the invitation cards to your guests and receiving RSVP's back from them, if you then needed an extra 10, 20, 30 etc cards from us, we would be able to print the additional cards for you, at the same agreed original price.  The last thing that we want is for you to have a batch of unused invitation cards after your function has finished.

Evite or Physical Invite

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With the advancements in technology, Evites are becoming increasingly popular.  Companies such as have a range of Wedding Evites, Birthday Evites, Graduation Evites and more.  The ease of using an Evite makes it an extremely appealing option.  At the click of a button, you can send the Evite to your family and friends on Facebook, Email, Whatsapp and more.  However, as appealing as it sounds, there are still many people that are 'traditional' and would always choose the 'physical' option, as opposed to the virtual one.  As well as this, in certain religions, the invitation writing ceremony is a celebration within itself i.e for Hindus, the writing of the Hindu Wedding Cards becomes a celebration where the bride or grooms families invite their close friends and family to their home (or venue) and commence the writing ceremony.  The fact that the Hindu Wedding Cards, Sikh Wedding Cards  and Muslim Wedding Cards generally need to be hand written, it is very unlikely that the trend for everyone will move to Evites.  As well as this, in todays day and age where each upcoming function is trying to outdo the last one in terms of extravagance, the fact that people might be seen as skimping would generally be frown upon.  Although peoples budgets can vary drastically, there are options for those that do not have a huge budget, but want to send a physical Invitation Card.

Best Place To Find A Bride or Groom

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A common question that is asked on a daily basis is where is the best place to find a bride or groom.  With the explosive use of technology, more and more people are turning to the internet and exploring the 'virtual' world so to speak.  One step further from this is that the use of mobile apps seems to be increasingly popular.  When you are in search of your future partner, as there are so many dating sites and apps available, you need to ask yourself what exactly are you looking for as the main criteria i.e. looks, personality, compatibility etc.

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