Anand Karaj Welcome Sign

Welcoming guests to an Anand Karaj ceremony is one of India's most cherished traditions. It is a sign of respect and honour to have them attend, as well as a symbol of joyful celebration.

At your Indian wedding, a wedding welcome sign can usually incorporate an image of a bride and groom, with any theme or colour scheme the couple have chosen.

It's also an opportunity to reflect on religious fellowship and the importance of being unified in spirit. To truly grasp this sentiment, choosing the right welcome sign is essential.

At CardFusion, we supply our welcome signs printed on a 5mm foamex board and usually recommend a size of either A2 or A1 (depending on the placement of the wedding sign).

What is an Anand Karaj?

Anand Karaj is a Sikh wedding ceremony that is based on the teachings of the Sikh faith. It is a joyous event that celebrates the union of two souls and is conducted in a Gurudwara, or Sikh temple. The ceremony includes prayers, hymns, and the exchange of vows between the bride and groom.

What does Anand Karaj Symbolize

Commitment. Anand Karaj is a Sikh marriage ritual that marks the couple’s willful acceptance of their shared life together. The meaning encapsulated within this sacred ceremony is profound, for it symbolizes unconditional love and devotion.

Through four rounds or “Lavan”, the couple takes part in a spiritual union. During each Lavan they make promises of faithfulness and engage in an intimate act of reverence before God Almighty.

The bride and groom then move to complete the fourth lap, as they commit themselves to lifelong companionship while bowing at the feet of Ik Oankar – Creator and Supreme Being. Their souls pledge to remain connected evermore with courage, loyalty, selflessness and love without bounds.

Anand Karaj emphasizes patience, harmony and trust amongst couples, thus fortifying the bond between them well beyond their wedding day. It is not just a physical connection; but rather a spiritual journey requiring resilient commitment rooted in spiritual intimacy for sustenance through life’s infinite challenges.

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